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Stuff I've done (that I'm still proud of)


You know the feeling—you're writing something, and the ideas are flowing, but you don't know where to put them all. That's what openworldcrafter is for. It keeps your thoughts, ideas, and notes in one place and gives you the freedom to organize them however you wish. Oh yeah, and it's free!

You Forgot to Share Your Google Doc

A reddit bot that detects Google Docs links that are not accessible to the public, and leaves a comment notifying the poster. Currently runs on r/writing as u/YFTSYGD.

Minecraft stuff

Loot Table Generator

Generates loot tables for Minecraft. May be woefully outdated, but I'm not quite sure. I haven't needed loot tables in a while.

Tellraw Editor

Generates /tellraw commands using a simple editor.

Tutorial Generator

Generates tutorials for Minecraft maps. You can add different pages, with links between them that can be clicked in-game.

Stuff I'm too lazy to organize or document

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