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Minecraft Loot Tables

Loot tables are files in Minecraft that can be used to change mob, chest, and fishing loot. This program generates these files for you. You can use it to make mobs drop different items and tools with different probabilities and added effects. It doesn't have every feature of loot tables, but it's simple and easy to use.

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Save your loot table online to edit it later! Please note that anyone with the link can access the table.

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Where To Put Your Loot Table

When you create a loot table, you can either have it replace an existing table or reference it when summoning mobs or placing chests.

For Mobs

To replace an existing mob loot table, go to your save folder's data folder. In it, create a folder called loot_tables. Then, create a folder in loot_tables called minecraft. Next, under minecraft, create a folder called entities. Finally, find the entity in the following list and put the loot table code in that file.

For Chests

To replace an existing chest loot table, go to the folder you created called minecraft. Create a subfolder called chests. Then, find the chest in the following list and put the loot table code in that file.

For Custom-Spawned Mobs/Chests

You can also create a loot table to use in a /summon command on a mob or a /setblock command on a chest. To do this, go to the loot_tables folder you created inside the data folder. Create a new folder. You can name it whatever you choose; it is called a namespace. A good choice is your username. Inside this folder, you can place all your loot table files. All of them must end with .json. You can organize them into subfolders as well.

To summon a mob with a loot table add the following NBT tag to it:

where [namespace] is the name you chose for your namespace and [path/to/file] is the name of your loot table, including any subfolders it's in. Don't include the .json extension.

To summon a chest with a loot table add the NBT tag