Minecraft Mathematics: Adding Like Terms

Here's a (hopefully) interesting and educational video about adding like terms. I've demonstrated the concept using stacks of items in Minecraft.

Here is a practice page if you want practice.

How Elytra Work in Minecraft (1.9)

In snapshot 15w41b (1.9), glider-like wings were added to Minecraft. In this video, I explain what they are, how they work, and where to get them.

Sinking Sand

Based on Jesus's parable of two people building their houses, this video is about building on a sturdy foundation... not only in Minecraft, but also in life.

Compact Food Tutorials

My first mod is out! You can read about it here. Or you can watch the tutorial videos!

Redstone Tutorials: Snack Machine

This is a simple, easy-to-build snack machine in Minecraft.

Materials Required:

The Lazy Villager

It's Jesus's parable of the talents, Minecraft-style! Watch my highly specialized crew of talented villager actors act out the story.

The Three Little Pigs

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there were three little pigs in Minecraft? Then a wolf was added to the mix? This Minecraft play will show you!
The video was created using LOTS and LOTS of command blocks, and a decent number of armor stands. It is not a typical animation; it was created in Minecraft itself.